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Couple Rings Set: rules, traditions, and time

The engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment. It is a gift that's highly anticipated and appreciated! Are you sure you know the origins of the ring? Learn the rules, the history, and the etiquette behind the tradition of the wedding ring!

It can be fascinating for both the one who received the ring and the person who gave it to discover more about it: rules, customs and history that will help you to understand the meaning behind this ring that will take you to a lifetime of love and will be a perfect match to your wedding ring. Take a moment to learn more about this significant ring before you begin to think about the day when you'll exchange your wedding vows.

What does the CoupleSet engagement ring symbolize? A bit of history

Already in the Middle Ages, giving and accepting an engagement ring was a way of an agreement that was actually committed to establishing the date to take vows to marry. During the Enlightenment the tradition of secret wedding rings was introduced. These rings were divided into pieces, and then joined to create wedding rings. In the same time, the so-called poetry rings, decorated with romantic phrases or poems were also popular as a way to signify the union.

The diamond engagement ring first appeared in the Victorian period. Before then, these rings were made of basic metal. According to the legend, Archduke Maximilian gave his beloved Mary Burgundy a gold engagement ring with diamonds set within it. From that point on the ring was the standard symbol of an engagement.

What about today?

The modern tradition of the engagement ring is traced back to the De Beers family, a world market leader in the trade of diamonds and launched a huge advertising campaign in 1938. The giant's advertisements, featuring Hollywood actors, singers and actors even suggested how much to spend on an engagement ring. One month's salary was suggested, but later it was raised to two months' wage. It was in 1948 that copywriter Frances Gerety created the famous slogan for De Beers "A diamond is always" which was a major contributor to the spread of the diamond engagement ring all over the world, including in countries that were not known, such as Japan.

Etiquette: a collection of impeccable tips

Etiquette suggests selecting rings that reflect the preferences and character of the person who will be receiving it. It is not likely that a bride choosing to celebrate simple weddings will appreciate a lavish item and in this case, family jewels can also be used, maybe to be updated or redesigned in order to enhance the symbolic and sentimental value of the piece. The delivery of the ring in accordance with etiquette will mark the beginning of a series of events and traditions The person who gives the precious jewel should also have a bouquet of flowers delivered to the bride's parents and then return with a gift of equal value. The customs have been lost, but the common sense and politeness are still revered.

When to give an engagement ring

The etiquette says that the wedding ring you've always wanted be given one year prior to the wedding date. However, the times have changed. There is no definitive rules. It doesn't mean that you should not give an engagement ring prior to the wedding proposal. This tradition has become more romantic and less rigid, especially in terms of timing. You should only do it when you are fully convinced and maybe even set the day you've chosen for yourself, without forgetting that organizing the wedding can take several months. You'll decide on the wedding date together as soon as the diamond is set on the ring finger of your spouse.

Where should the ring of engagement where should the ring

The requirements differ based on the country of the country of. In Brazil, for example, both spouses wear a ring in the right hand, which will be switched to the left the day of the ceremony. The ring should always be placed on your finger with the ring, regardless of whether you are wearing it on your left or right hand. In the past, it was believed that this finger was connected to the heart directly by a vein, the "Vena Amoris". In Italy, the engagement ring is shifted to the the right hand before the wedding to allow the wedding ring to be worn on the left. In any event, it is common practice to wear, after marriage, both rings on the same finger of the left hand.

Once you've uncovered the roots of this precious gem, its rules as well as customsanze and traditions, all you have to do is relax and take the first step. Don't be concerned about the diamond. We are sure the goldsmiths will be delighted to show you the wide range of engagement rings that are unique, and offer the best advice for making your spouse completely speechless.


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