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Heavenly Warrior


Araceli Guerrero is a powerfully gifted, talented, and skilled healer. 

Araceli's natural aptitudes for healing-energy work and herbalism were guided and nurtured by her grandmother in Nicaragua from age five. Araceli's name means "Alter of the sky" and Guerrero means "Warrior". Some people call Araceli "Cheli".


After coming to Canada when she was 13, Araceli graduated Aesthetic College in Edmonton, then went on to take Business Management at Columbia College in Calgary. As well as being an accomplished Aesthetician, she has acquired titles such as; Reiki Master, Practitioner and Facilitator of Access: The Bars® and Access Facelift®, and a Yoga Instructor, who specializes in guiding Seniors and children Since 2002 she has worked and continues to work with many seniors, cancer and terminal patients, both adult and children, easing their bodies and spirits through her abilities. It doesn't stop there, as she is also offers sacred couples workshops to help you and your partner dive into a deeper, more understanding relationship with each other. 


Araceli does so much more. Her capacity to clear properties, businesses, relationships; addition to, one-on-one Coaching and Relationship Coaching are a few things she specializes in. 

If you are interested in hosting Araceli for her workshops; online or in your city, contact her directly (via email:


A Mother of 4 beautiful angels and her beloved partner Barry,  Araceli continues to cultivate and enhance her innate potential.  She is a vital, compassionate, competent being with a passionate desire to use her abilities and gifts to help others in a multitude of ways - Which she does superbly.

Araceli's goal is to contribute to Children Orphanage, as she LOVES kids. Araceli is also writing a book. Stay tuned! 


Araceli and her family are building a Health & Wellness Centre with an array of Departments starting with Yoga, Retreats, Spa and Wellness Clinic in De Winton for our Community and Universal Travellers.  

Come, Explore what else is possible here. With Clients Online and In-person from various countries such as Canada, USA, UK, Dubai, Europe, South America, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

Ask yourself. What can Araceli contribute to you and to your way of living? 

Every CHOICE creates a CHANGE with a NEW set of POSSIBILITIES.

Araceli's Story & Mission

These are the challenges, success, failures and lessons learned that have brought us here to changing lives for mankind.


My story began long ago, age four if memory serves me right. This was when things got crazy from being molested and abused mentally, verbally, physically, sexually by both parent's (each doing their fair share of the damage) these so called guardians that are supposed to encourage, nurture and care for the child continued the abuse for another 33 years. To see this abuse not only fall onto me but sometimes the abuse was towards my mother. Who set her eye's on everyone else rather than fixing her situation. As a result she never left the abuse due to many reasons, but fear and finances were probably high up on her list. That along with my father not allowing her to continue her education had its own toll in her life. Guess having a father who had fame and a reputation meant more than the family, so we kept silent. Living through it is harder than reading about it through the ink on paper or lights on a screen, witnessing and experiencing the acts that were carried out for many years can break even the strongest among us.

Not too long after a war broke out, at this time I was around six years old. We lived in a communist where civil unrest became a civil war from having family members being shot in our own home to being dragged through the street behind jeeps. So we did what we could to get ready to prepare ourselves for an emergency to escape, only taking what we could carry from backpacks, candles, food to money, jewelry, knife and a gun. 

Now I know you would probably want to know all the juicy details from where it all started to everything in between but you'll have to wait for my book release. With that said, let's skip to my experience as a single parent of three kids at the age of 25 from having gone to the food bank, no furniture, no friends or parents to help me with my three kids. I worked two jobs and went to college and slowly bought furnitures, beds for my kids. My priority was Food, Clothes and a Roof. Dealing with no funds to put my kids into activities hurt. The Kid's biological father never helped out, guess that is to be expected from the one who sexually molested two of kids for five years following court order.

The experiences I had throughout my life have allowed me to help others release traumas from their body and allow the healing process to begin. By using all the knowledge and my gift plus my Family Lineage Curanderas and other modalities. 

 My goals are to provide single parents and kids an easier way of living, and share the tool's to heal the body. Assist in funding activities for kids, teach workshops, provide scholarships for parents in need.

My Mission is to help Humanity to become free from past trauma, blockages from the Body and Soul. We are Beings of light, we are here to shine and share the light with Others. I give gratitude to my Parents for being my Teachers in this lifetime. Now, I can facilitate to Mankind. I BIG Thank You to my dear Grandmother Warrior for her teachings healings and never giving up on myself. 

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