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Heavenly Warrior



My name is Araceli Guerrero; some call me “Cheli” or “AraCheli”.

I have 4 kids and a Lover Partner Barry, plus dogs. Living 15 minutes outside Calgary, together we cherish 3 businesses. I Am the Founder of Heavenly Warrior Yoga & Wellness. I travel Facilitating classes Globally - Teaching: Access Bars, Facelift, The Foundation, TTTE Talk To The Entities, Money Classes and …..

I also became a Yoga Instructor, Holistic Intuitive Coach, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Aesthetician, Sound Healing Practitioner, and the best is the Capabilities I was born with. It is beautiful to learn and have many modalities. I invite you to join any of my Classes that I facilitate in Canada and Globally. Adding new modalities to your tool box to help yourself and others in daily life or your business. 


Since age 4, I could see in advance what was going to happen. Example: I knew my dad was going to have an accident and I told my mother, calling out other events before happening really stressed my mom. My grandmother saw those gifts in me. Both grandparents contributed to my capabilities/capacities by learning how to speak to the Ocean, and the animals and how to perform sessions on people with herbs and my hands. My grandma smoked a huge cigar ONLY when she performs Shamanic Sessions. I remember witnessing People come knocking on our door at midnight for my grandma to do sessions on Infants.


For many years I could not explain to people what I do, or what name I can call my capacities; instead, I showed them my Capacities (Gifts). It is cool that my Clients are great to me. They call me Seer, psychic reader, Mediumship (speak to the Death), Akasha Records Reader, Energy Shifter, Teacher, etc. I am the 6th Generation Curandera Shaman. I did not go to school to learn these Gifts.


I do so much more. The Gift I have is to clear negative energies from Bodies, properties, businesses, animals and relationships. I continue to be blessed.

Some People have traveled from provinces and countries to come to see me for in-person sessions and I also do online sessions. With Clients, Online and In-person from various countries such as Canada, USA, UK, Dubai, Europe, South America, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.


Ask yourself. “What can Araceli’s private sessions and classes contribute to me and to my way of living?”

Every CHOICE creates a CHANGE. What are you choosing?


My family and I are building a Private Health & Wellness Centre to Teach Yoga classes, Access Consciousness Classes and Host other Facilitators worldwide. 

 If you are interested in Consciousness Classes and would like to Host Araceli online or in your city, contact her directly via email: (, here are the classes ( We can also do Retreats.



My story began long ago:


I was born in Chinandega, Nicaragua and I was a miracle child. Thanks to God and my grandmother for the Shamanic Energetic healing I received that I AM HERE.

My Father was well known across Nicaragua, his voice hypnotized the audience. He worked in Radio and Television, traveling to Central America & South America as a journalist and an amazing writer. My Mother owned a Motorcycle Dealership and she empowered other women through the Radio Station where she also worked with my Father. At my parents’ house, we had Nannies and chefs to cook for us. Living with my Grandmother, was a different world. I learned to cook, connect with nature, and how working with herbs can help our bodies. My grandfather taught me how to communicate with Animals and the ocean. 

From age 4 to adult, I was molested and abused mentally, verbally, physically, and sexually by a Family member.


We experienced 2 wars in Nicaragua, real tanks, guns, etc. Not too long after war broke out, at this time I was around six years old. We lived in communism with civil unrest a civil war-from having family members being shot in our own home.

At age 12, we did what we could to get ready to prepare ourselves for an emergency to escape, only taking what we could carry in our backpacks.

Now, you would probably want to know all the juicy details from where it all started to everything in between but you'll have to wait for my book release. 


In the 80s due to my Dad’s position in the Radio, we had to leave the country due to the state of communism and escaped. My parents hired a “Coyote” to take us to another country. I was 13 years old when we arrived in Canada in the middle of winter in February in Saskatoon. Coming from a tropical country to the snow. It was a shock for our Bodies LOL. We had 3 years to pay back to Immigration for our plane tickets and we started to work hard in Canada. I am very grateful to be here. I learned English in 90 Days and soon enough I was translating the sermon at church every Sunday until I was caught dancing. My escape time used to be dancing and playing piano at church.


In the early 90s, my parents married me to a Polish guy who was in need of staying in Canada. I am grateful for the GIFT he co-created with my 3 Children. 

I became a Single mom very young. My mother’s concerns were ”What Spanish people will say in the church”? (My SUGGESTION: Live your life and stay in your lane).

I was 25 years old, I left Edmonton, moved to Calgary and went back to College for a Business Career. After College, I worked hard and hired a Nanny so I could create 2 businesses. Now, I give back to Single Parents (mom/dad) so kids can go for Activities. My experience as a single parent was very hard with three kids at the age of 25 from having gone to the food bank, no furniture, no friends or parents to help me with my three kids. I worked two jobs and went to college and slowly bought furniture, and beds for my kids. My priority was Food, Clothes, and a Roof. Dealing with no funds to put my kids into activities hurt.

The Kid's biological father never helped out, guess that is to be expected from the one who sexually molested and groomed two of the kids for five years following a court order. How many kids experience a type of abuse and one parent is hurting because their hands are tied and have to follow a Court Order?  

The experiences I had throughout my life have allowed me to help others to release traumas from their body and allow the healing process to begin. By using all the knowledge and my gifts, plus my Family Lineage Curanderas and other modalities. 


My goals are to provide single parents and kids with an easier way of living and provide scholarships for parents in need. Through our challenges and experiences, we stand strong and we have helped MANY Families. Forgiveness is the key to letting go and inviting a new future and being the change in the world that we truly would like to see. I am so grateful for my Capacities. How do I get so lucky?


My Mission is to help Humanity to become free from past trauma, and blockages from the Body and Soul (subconscious mind) We are here to shine and share the light with Others. I give gratitude to my Parents for being my Teachers in this lifetime. I’ve been doing sessions for over 40 years. BIG Thank You to my dear Grandmother Warrior for her Shamanic teachings and for never giving up on me.

Infinite Thank You to all the Clients who became my friends for so many years and for your support in putting food on the table for my children. Every referral you sent me was the greatest gift. I enjoy what I do for work, helping to free the Bodies from Trauma, money stress and unease…


Tip: No matter what you experience, do NOT dim your Inner Light. The stars GLOW-Shine in the darkness. Never quit on you!


Thank You for reading about me, I am looking forward to seeing you soon somewhere in person or Online.

God Bless,

Araceli Guerrero-Morrison

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