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Welcome to true Sexualness. Awaken the Body to be more Conscious and ALIVE with the Being. Some People in the Western World are not familiar with Tantra. I have spoken to some people and they think that Tantra is all about SEX “Intercourse-Copulation”


I created a 60 minute Intro Tantra for Couples for those that are curious and then choose if this is for you and your Partner, Horraay…

Be aware that the bad part is too much fun. The good part is you become more deeply in love with your Soul and your Partner’s Soul.

For those that would like to move forward with Tantra, I recommend you to sign up for the MONTHLY subscription.


How many times in the day do you acknowledge your Partner?

Perhaps you two work out of Town, and have a long-distance relationship. Tantra Online is perfect and aligned for you and your Partner. All sexes are WELCOME!

IF, you have kids, put them to sleep early.


It is easier to be busy with other things and we sometimes forget that the relationship is thirsty and it requires some WATER and FERTILIZER to continue growing.

Give yourself permission to love your Body without Judgement.

Intro Tantra For Couples | Private Session

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