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This Event is for Couples that are doing amazing and want more yumminess in their relationship AND for Couples that are loosing the spark on each other OR are too busy prioritizing other things and leaving their Relationship last OR you starting  a NEW relationship 


Come Join me for a 3 Hour QUICKY of Holistic Sexualness with your Partner. After Class, enjoy your home-play to continue nurturing your relationship. 


Everything is from the heart. Instead of having expectation and judgement and giving the Responsibility to somebody to make you happy. I invite you to join and find your TRUE-SELF within. It is sooo Yummy when a Divine Masculine and a Divine Feminine connect, it is like making LOVE with the Holy Spirit. That you never want to let go and instead you want more of that!

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This Class is Online for Couples regardless you are together in the same house or in a long distance relationship. The  recording will be included (voice only). This is a SAFE Space to come and share what triggers you from your Partners and how we can heal all of that keeps you separated between you and your Lover.






Classes are done online over Zoom.  Once the participant has made their payment they will be contacted via email and be provided with a  link.

After Completing Level 1 you will be qualified to attend Level 2. 

We invite you to elevate to the next level of Conscious Holistic Tantra.

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