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Congratulations for reading the description what this is all about. What can you and your Partner BE & Do different?

All Genders are Welcome


Some couples are scared and embarrassed to separate/divorce/ permanent break-up or go counselling.

I have met Couples that were married, divorced and into a New relationship. Same patterns were replaying from previous relationships.


Some people judge Couples or take one side. They have NO clue what a Couple is going through alone. Nobody is in your shoes " relationship".

 If there is still caring, loving each other wouldn't you choose to be more in harmony?

Book your private Couple-Session with Araceli, this is 60mins. Everything is CONFIDENTIAL and there is NO taking sides. This is about working on past and present triggers, removing expectations, separations, judgements, and energy blockages including Past-Life. Whatever it takes to create a CONSCIOUS Communion between you and your Partner.

Even if your Relationship is “Perfect” Enhance It, take it to the next Level!  XOXO


I went through an interesting Divorce and my friend who does Family Law, told my Ex-Partner and I. You either settle between you two and  take your kids to DisneyLand OR  I take my kids to DisneyLand if you two fight.

It is cool when a person has ALREADY experienced the ups and down, is already a Parent, and get to Guide Others to AVOID Stress, heartaches and emotional downs, short-cuts.


It is NOT easy for children to witness the Parents separating. When a Couple join together also the Family from BOTH side are joining too. From many years I witnessed in a Couple that ONE Partner is not feeling it to see a Counsellor, a Holistic Coach. I get it, I’ve been there done that.

Tell me about keeping a ledger between a Couple  Blaming, Reacting, Defending or putting work PRIORITY over the  Relationship. EXAMPLE:A Partner working out of town and not being emotionally there for the Spouse. Or not enough time to go on a date with your Partner due to bills, kids, a family member illness , work etc.


How can a Couple create more ease in their daily living and a lifestyle that could create greater for the 2 of them. Kids are always watching the Parents (Step-Parents) how they treat each other.

Many Couples work so hard to provide to the Family and retire early. Sadly, that some don’t get to reach that Goal. Sometimes our Ego-Self tempted Us with Money, lust, etc. It is ONLY temporary pleasure. It is cool to acknowledge what we truly Value in  your life.


Araceli always is empowering Couples and her mission is to guide Consciously each Couple to their BEST SELF and Together living a Conscious life.


Every Couple must attend TOGETHER to each Coaching Session with Araceli Guerrero. Confidentiality is a must. Sessions are done in person and online.


Single Session per Couple


60-70 minutes: $555 +GST




For Couple Private Session


Sessions are done In-Person OR Long-Distance over the phone, skype, or zoom call.  Once the client has made their payment they will be contacted via e-mail to schedule their service and be provided with a link. 

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