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    Within an hour, give the director Araceli Guerrero the opportunity to start turning your life around by giving your body what it truly requires, instead of what you think it needs. By aligning the energy of your body with the four directions, North, East, South, and West, to generate more ease in your reality. Sessions focus on the fine tuning of one's natural energy, which embodies; the re-energizing of the vibrational field, allowing for more clarity within one's life journey, allowance for a clearer and lighter path to attaining your goals, while removing past luggage and restrictions that have been holding you back or slowing you down. POLICY: Clearings are done In-Person or Online - over the phone, skype, or zoom call. In-person session with Araceli will be accepted through referrals only.

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    WELCOME if you could get anything out of this, what would it be? What gifts have you been given? WE INVITE YOU TO CHECK OUR CLASSES & SESSIONS Classes Sessions About Araceli Join our FREE Private Facebook Group NURTURE YOUR INNER WARRIOR Join the Free Group UPCOMING FULL MOON Next Full Moon February 5th, 2023 BOOKINGS AVAILABLE - EVERY FULL MOON - What does your Yoni desire? ORDER MINE NOW BOOK A SESSION WITH ARACELI PROPERTY/BUSINESS CLEARING 1 hr 30 min 650 Canadian dollars $650 Book Now INTUITIVE READING 30 min 95 Canadian dollars $95 Book Now ENERGETIC CLEARING 1 hr 300 Canadian dollars $300 Book Now SHOP FOR YOUR ANIMALS ENHANCE YOUR PETS HEALTH, HAPPINESS & LONGEVITY SHOP NOW DIGITAL GIFT CARDS THE GIFT OF CHOICE SHOP NOW DE WINTON, AB

  • FULL MOON CEREMONY | Heavenly Warrior

    FULL MOON CEREMONY Online | $9 CAD/Monthly *without subscription pay regular price of $11+GST 7:30-8:30 PM(MST) Next Full Moon: February 5 th | 2023 SNOW MOON BUY TICKET NOW 2023 March 7th April 6th May 5th June 3rd July 3rd August 1st August 30th September 29th October 28th November 27th December 26th 9 MINUTE READING FOR $9 EVERY FULL MOON BOOK NOW BEFORE IT'S SOLD OUT! Book Your Intuitive Reading Now Enjoy this special offer and receive a 9 Minute Mini Reading with Araceli for only $9 this upcoming Full Moon between 11:11AM - 3:33PM. ​ Send a question or leave it open to what comes. BOOK NOW 9 MINUTE READING | FULL MOON SPECIAL NEXT FULL MOON: February 5th, 2023 Is now the time? Would you choose to let go of the old patterns, toxic relationships, and all that is not a contribution to your life? We invite you to open your mind and body to the power of the Full Moon to cleanse and instil new possibilities. Once you register you will be sent a link to join our private Facebook group where we will be live every month during the Full Moon @7:30-8:30 PM(MST). REGISTER NOW If you could get anything out of this, what would it be?

  • ENERGETIC CLEARING | Heavenly Warrior


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